This is for you Mone.

I will always think of you, Berlin, FFM, legendary New Years Eve´s nights and everything we went through together with the girls when I cooked this Bruschetta.

Ok, so this recipe is pretty easy but extremely delicious and even better than Pizza.


What do you need?

  • Garlic
  • Tomato Paste
  • Baguette
  • Butter (never EVER use magarine) & olive oil
  • Cherry Tomatoes (only if you like tomatoes and are not a tomato-phobic as my good friend Pascal)
  • Mozarella
  • Fleur de Sel & fresh Pepper
  • Dry basil

Cut the bread in 2cm pieces and fry them, together with the chopped garlic, the butter and the olive oil till they are golden brown. Here you can already put some of the dry basil, the salt and the pepper on them if you like. Fry both sides.

When both sides look like beautiful gold bars of bread you can apply generously the tomato paste on them. If some places of the bread pieces should be a little darker than it pleasures the eye, apply even more paste on them. This will prevent them from getting to dark.


For those who like, cut some small pieces of the cherry tomatoes and apply them too (some people dislike to chew on tomatoes- i hereby greet my good friend Pascal!).

Now you cut the mozarella cheese into slices and put one slide on every slice on bread. Put some of the basil on top and in the cooker with this little antipasti-pleasure.

I always cook intuitively, but round about 150 – 170 degree for ca. 15 minutes. You really cannot fail here, just check how they look regularly and if you feel the cheese meltet enough they are ready.

I always recommend them with my tomato-soup (will be uploaded soon!) or to something fresh & easy like salat.

Buon appetito!


2 Gedanken zu “BRUSCHETTA

  1. Reblogged this on MIENCUISINE and commented:

    So this was one of the first recipes I posted. They are one of my favorite snacks, super easy and even more yummy than pizza (I know I am promisisng a lot here!) Try it out! 🙂 XX MIENCUISINE

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