This is for you Patricia.

I hope this recipe finally helps you to seduce Jimi.

This tomato soup is just hilarious. I promise, once cooked and eaten, you will want to cook it over and over again. It’s so simple and just the way a tomato soup should taste. As mentioned in my last post, this Italian version works perfectly with my bruschetta.

The soup can be prepared in 3 different versions. Just choose which ever you prefer.

Here are the ingredients:

  • Italian: Rosemary + pesto
  • Asian: Lemon-leafs  + prawns + sambal oelek + 1 lemon
  • Classic: None of the above

IMG_3590 KopieFor the Classic Tomato Soup you need:

  • Bunch of dried tomatoes
  • Bunch of fresh tomatoes
    (I prefer cherry tomatoes, but that’s entirely up to you)
  • Tomato paste (the more the merrier, but I advise you to buy 3)
  • 1/2 Garlic (of a whole)
  • 3 Onions (preferably shallotts)
  • 1 Cream
  • Fleur de Sel & fresh pepper
  • Sugar
  • Olive oil & butter

The first step is to fry everything in the pan. First, cut the dried tomatoes, the garlic and the shallots and slightly brown them in olive oil & butter. Be careful to add the fresh tomatoes cut in cubicles (as they contain water) after the afore-mentioned ingredients turned golden. Once theonions switch from violet white to golden brown, generously pour water into the pan and let it simmer for an hour.

Subsequently you pass the whole contents through a sieve and throw the left-overs away. What you see, looks like a translucent soup. Add tomato paste until the soup obtains the delightful creamy consistence, just the way you like it. Top the whole with a little bit of cream on it. For the finishing touch (and to reduce the acid) season the soup with sugar, salt & pepper.

If you don’t go for the Italian or the Asian version you are finished here! I really recommend you to try out every variety, as I made this soup so often for my friends and cannot decide until today which one is my favorite !



You cook the soup exactly in the same way as the others, just with a slight difference: add lemon-leaves to the pan, which you throw away, just as the other ingredients, once the boiling time is over.

Fry the prawns in garlic, add one shallot, butter & olive oil. Now put some of the tomato paste and the sambal oelek in the pan. Further, deglaze the prawns by squeezing a lemon over them. Lay them on the bottom of your guest’s soup plate and slowly pour the Asian soup above it.



You alternate the classic version by adding rosemary to the frying pan, which you throw away just as the other ingredients, once the boiling time is over. Adjoin some wipped cream on the top of everyone’s plate, as well as some pesto.

Bon appétit !


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