This is for you Bova.

The first store ever I remember to buy vegetables with my mum outside the supermarket was the Bova in Bad Soden. Nowadays they changed the Name into „Feinkost Papa“, but we still call it Bova if someone heads to buy fresh vegetables and italien delicatessen.


One day I went to Bova or „Papa“ to buy some ingredients for a caprese salad. The Germans have a very unelegant way to call it only „Tomaten-Mozarella Salat“. After this special day however I would never call it like this again, here´s why.

„Papa“ explained me, that this salad is an italian delicatesse and the most people are making it wrong. He was very passioned when he told me to only use special kind of tomatoes (namely Beedsteak-tomatoes, in German „Ochsenherztomaten“ or Roma-tomatoes, „Eiertomaten“, which are the ones he prefers). As I am a little rebell I accepted his advise since then not to buy the regular tomatoes in the supermarket (I call them water-tomatoes, as they taste as nothing but water), but I always prefer my Caprese salad with cherry tomatoes.

For the mozzarella he advised me to only buy buffalo mozzarella. He said for the perfect harmony of tomatoes and mozzarella, both should not be cold (hint from my side, never put tomatoes in the fridge anyway) and be mixed with each other al least 30 minutes bevore eating (just cut them in pieces of the size you prefer). Hereby the tomato-juice and the whey get connected with each other and give a perfect taste-symbiosis.

After you waited 30 minutes you put only olive oil and no balsamic on the salad, along with Fleur de Sel, fresh pepper and basil. Make sure to only use good olive oil (dark, non transparent bottle, extra native. The greener the oil, the better). Again I as a rebel use always some balsamic (do yourself a favor and use a little and a high quality balsamic).

I really recommend you this recipe, you will definitly tase the difference! And if you can visit „Feinkost Papa“ in Bad Soden.


Let me know how you liked it!



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