This is for my Team Yellow.

I ate the best lobster ever in Spain, Andalusia. It was prepared with green asparagus & sauce hollandaise and was served with cold champagne. I knew from the moment I tasted it, that it was one of the best and fanciest dished I ever tried in my whole life. As I looove lobster but don´t have the heart to throw the little guys in boiled water (I know: double standards) I derivated my own interpretation of  this awesome dish which I enjoyed in my summer in Spain 2005. Enjoy it with some cold champagne and good friends!



What you need:

  • vol au vent
  • A bunch of green asparagus
  • 250 ml Sauce Hollandaise
  • Cooked scampi/prawns (of course you can also take fried scampi, that´s up to you!)
  • 1 canned trout caviar
  • Salt & fresh pepper


What do you do?

Easy. Prepare the asparagus (wash, peel, cut off the ends and cut it into pieces of 2cm), and cook it with some salt for roughly 10-min minutes. Now warm up the sauce hollandaise and insert the cooked scampi and the asparagus pieces. Paralell you preheat the oven to ca. 200 grad. You cut of the cap of the vol au vent and press with the finger a little space for the filling. Now insert your filling (scampi and cutted asparagus pieces in the sauce hollandaise) in the vol au vents and let them there for 3-5 minutes.

When they are finished you arrange them on the plates with a little caviar & pepper on top.



As I am a poor student I have indeed good friends who are always willing to try my creations but I have unfortunately no Champagne here, merde. Do yourself a huge favor and have some cold Champagne or Crémant with this dish. The combi is awesome! Thank you Clothilde & Tim for being my dish-tester, you´re my crazy but beloved  #TeamYellow !



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