This is from Fabi.

Fabi is one of my fellow students.  I soon felt, that there was more than campus chit-chat and going out together what made us connect. Fabian is a profound, interestring young man who is not only willing to pray big words but lives big actions as well. When the crisis of Ukraine arose and people on the street fought for their ideals Fabi wasn´t satisfied watching the riots behind a flat screen, he wanted to understand the people, wanted to talk to them, share their anxieties and dreams. So one day he decided to visit Ukraine. He wrote people called him crazy, brave or just stupid for this decision. I told him he was stupid, brave and inspiring all in once. I am very happy to have him back safe and am very proud to share with you his thoughts about what we both do in our blogs, how our passions are interlinked and what he learned in his journey.


For Mien and the Idea of Sharing What you Love

In our generation’s world sharing is common and very popular. Spreading ideas, opinions, pictures or recipes is desirable and connects people more than some pointless small talk chats. The internet has opened a new way; a more open way. I believe it to be the tool of a true pluralistic society in which you never exclusively agree on everything but enter into a discussion and find common ground. The result of blogs, posts and newsfeeds today is more than they seem. They create knowledge and expand education to those who cannot afford it in other ways.

During the times I have been abroad in different countries and cultures, I have experienced for myself what happens if ideology comes between people living in one country when heritage is more important than friendship or political power is not shared with those it belongs to. I have also seen how people tried to overcome those crises and I have seen them give up as well. How can two parties fight against each other if they both want their country to succeed, why would they rather have a conflict than find a solution?

When travelling these nations my first intention was always to argue with the people on whether they were wrong or not, but I always failed to do so. People are exhausted of talking and arguing they cannot help it but fight.

You might wonder how this is connected to my first paragraph and you are right to do so. The gap between sharing some tasty recipes and a mature conflict where people die for their ideas is fairly vague but I believe that doing what Mien does is part of what creates the key to solve exactly those problems I mentioned before. Sharing, talking, discussing all have something in common. They educate to tolerate, respect and argue with words instead of fists and hatred. Education and knowledge are the keys to overthrow corrupt governments, prevent crimes and hardship on this planet.

I am very happy to see Mien’s regular updates on her blog where she shares something she loves to do. Not enough that those pictures always look delicious and I will never be able to cook them for myself most likely but she is part of a movement that makes this earth a better place to live at. She makes it a smarter planet where the right stupidity is reserved for those who chose it.

Much love to you and your food,



Listening to a speech on Maidan

If you want to read more about Fabi and his journey of life, visit:


 Riot police tries to protect public buildings


Pro-Russian Demonstrator in Donetsk


Food handed out to people in Maidan. For free.


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