This is for you Italy.

Milan, Rome, Venice, Florence – but mainly Elba & Cannero (Lago Maggiore) strengthen my positive image about Italy very effectively. I loved italian ice-cream, the people’s way to drink espresso on the streets with friends, their open-minded spirit and the italian food. My dad always used to say: „In Italy everything is so imperfect. All their buildings, everything is kind off obliquely, nothing stands organised and balanced – but, it is so much more beautiful than anything else.“ I think my dad was very wise by saying than. One thing we always ate after a long dinner on the restaurants terrace was Panna Cotta. It´s my favorite italian dessert.


What do you need for 20 portions:

  • 1 kg mascarpone
  • 150 gram sugar
  • 450 ml milk
  • 450 cream
  • 3 bars of bourbon vanilla
  • 5 pieces of gelatin


What do you do?

Mix everything together (the sugar is supposed to be dissolved) expect the gelatin. Adjust the gelatin peu à peu and let it dissolve slow in the mixture. Fill it now into the forms you want to deserve, let it cool down in the fridge over night.

What suits to it?

Strawberry or rasberry-purée, ice cram or you roast some almond adjust some chocolate or coffe beans or you insert the coffee beans / chocolate in the cream / milk over night (than filter it out) and make the Panna Cotta as mentioned above.


Mamma Mia!




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