This is for our song.

„Willst Du“ is german and means nothing more than the question whether you want or not want to do something. In our life we are confronted regularly with questions implying a decision from our side, like in school: „Do you want to be my girlfriend?“ ( yes/no/I prefer toast instead, thank you), later on:  „Do we want to form a learning group“, „Do you want to marry me?“.

Well that escalated quickly.

But today I don´t want to ask or answer big questions in life – I only want you to ask whether you did something today that you truly enjoyed. I know exams are freaking us out and we have to learn a lot – but life is rarely giving you time to enjoy nice moments with your friends, you have to make place for it!


As I learned Ethics & Strategic HRM I am happy to see my fellows later on at the „Weinprobierstand“ in Hattenheim! Yes okay, we need to discuss Butler, Kant, Nietzsche & Co, but we´re beeing together. And that is what counts for me today.

And the Hugo I just make super easy, with some fresh mint, crushed ice, a lace of elderflower syrup and a nice Prosecco. You can also add limes if you want to, but I prefer my Hugo this easy way. No matter for which alternative you´re going for, make today a nice event and indulge yourself with something you truly like to do.

You deserve it now more than ever!



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