This is for you Annie.

You don´t only support me with my candy-contest in a very creative way, give me a place to stay in Düsseldorf when I´m going to L´Oréal, no you are my friend and always nice and helpful. I really like you as we are so different but I feel you like and value me the way I am without trying to change me. I hope you´ll always stay that tolerant and nice and never change.


So basically Annie and I met for studying Butler, Kant, Nietzsche, Bentham and James for our last Master exam at the EBS and needed to cook something. I didn´t want to do Caprese as I already have that in my blog nor Pesto pasta so we decided to make Salmon pasta.

When I prepared them I realized this is the first PASTA recipe in my blog, wuhu! I coudn´t believe it, as I lovvve pasta so here we go!

What do you need:

  • Pasta (I always prefer tagliatelle)
  • 300 gram Salmon
  • 1/2 lemon
  • Fleur de Sel & fresh pepper (THX Robin for borrowing the pepper so spontaneous)
  • Crème fraîche 
  • Cream
  • White wine
  • Butter

What do you do?

So you cut & fry the salmon in butter and deglace it with the pressed lemon and a some wine. Adjust the Crème fraîche & the cream and salt the sauce. Parallel you cook the pasta and arrange all on a plate. Now only the pepper is missing – Good appetite!



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