This is for me.

Yes, you heard it right. Since I left my university and started to work I start so much valueing my spare time. Just beeing alone from time to time feels so rare right now that I cannot be hedonistic living in the day, no I have my alarm (which I normally never have!), have my routines and come home late where it´s hard to motivate myself to cook, blog or anything else. No wifi didn´t make it easier. So I really thought whom to dedicate this recipe to- but I have for every single friend a recipe even if it´s not posted yet. So I got this one thing for me -which is fine? I´m always praying here to celebrate the relationship with your friends but more over I want so say here: Work on the relationship with yourself, every day.

As it´s the only one you know and you will know, all your life.


„Why Bresaola?“, „WHY not?“. For all those who love the classical Carpaccio – here is my alternative if you don´t have the patience to freeze and cut the meat on your own and the next restaurant is too far away. So if you like the classical type of Carpaccio, you will definitely love this.

What do you need?


  • 1 package of Bresaola (captain obvious)
  • 1 bunch of aragula salad
  • olive oil & Crèma di Balsamico
  • celery
  • A handfull of pine nuts
  • Salt & fresh pepper
  • 1/2 lemon

What do you do?

Wash and dry the salad, warm up the pine nuts (no extra fat, as they release their fat when heated) and cut the celery into small pieces. Now arrange the bresaola the way to do it for the classic carpaccio, arrange the salad, press the lemon, adjust the pine nuts, salt & pepper it – some olive oil and the balsamic – that´s it.



I don´t know what you´re doing tonight, but I´m just hanging with a friend this evening. While others go out we decided to do both something we enjoy, me blogging he playing games. Just being alone with each other is sometimes the best yet.

With many people you can talk, with little you can keep silent.

The slogan of the company I´m working for currently is „Because I´m worth it“. Did you recognise it? It´s very beautiful, but not only in an outwardy cosmetic term. We should be there for others – always. But also we should always be there for ourselves.




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