This is for you Pauline.

I met Pauline, or „Popo“ how Flore and I call her during my semester abroad in Paris. We would regularly go out, buy macarons and talk about boys and other girls stuff.


Pauline and me, Paris 2013

Short, we had a blast in Paris but started soon to have deeper conversations about what we want to do with our lives and what our passions are. For me it was always cooking, for her it was always traveling. So our ways parted after my semester abroad in 2011 but we stayed in contact, meeting in Frankfurt, Paris and London.

For me it was always cooking, for her it was always travelling

Right now I live in Bangalore, doing my semester abroad for my Masters programme and she took a year of for traveling the world with her boyfriend Anthony. Meeting in India never came to my mind till she asked me to do so. 


Me, Pauline & Anthony, celebrating her birthday at Déja Vu – Restobar in Bangalore, 2014

So we met in Bangalore having streetfood and conversations together. Their passion for traveling and mine for cooking just seemed to match each other perfectly. So one day we invited friends to our place from France, Switzerland, Norway, Germany and of course India. One of my friend these days never had Pasta bevore in his life! So you can imagine we had a multiculti and fun evening.


A classic Bolognese with unusual ingredients

So Pauline, when you read this lines I hope you know even if you are far from the eye it doesn’t mean you are not close to my heart.

Keep following traveling the world and with that following your passions. We will meet during our adventures and share our experience.

If you want to have a look at Paulines & Anthonys Blog:




Anthony & Pauline


For the recipe:


For me cooking in India is quite a challenge, as I seldom find all the ingredients, that I need. So instead of minced beef (India, Cow, Holy – pretty complicated) I simply bought minced goat. It looks different and the taste derivates a little from the Bolognese we know – but some guests even said they wouldn’t have noticed it, when I would not have told them. Anyway it broadend my mind that you can cook a classic dish with an unusual ingredient and yet create something awesome new. Let’s be braver in the kitchen! Or like Simone and I used to say: „Plus de courage!“

What do you need?

  • Fussili PastaIMG_9028
  • Goat Minced Meet (1 package per 2 persons)
  • Tomato Purée (1 can per 2 persons)
  • Cream (50ml per person)
  • Garlic
  • Onions
  • Tomatoes (1 per person)
  • Ginger, only some slices
  • Carrots (1 per 2 persons)
  • Salt & pepper & sugar
  • Olives for the sauce (optionally)
  • Bay leaves for the sauce
  • Chillis (fresh or dried)
  • 1 bottle of white wine
  • Italian herbs (rosemary, parsley, basil etc.)
  • Friends you love and whom you love to cook for
  • Butter & Olive oil

What do you do?

Peel, Cut and prepare the carrots/onions/garlic/chilli/tomatos/ginger and fry them in butter & olive oil. When they are ready (onion pieces have to be slightly brown) salt, pepper and sugar it and adjust water to cook it (better put everything in another pan, as you can use the current one for frying the meet!)




Then fry the meet till it’s crispy brown. When it is finished deglace it with white wine, add all the herbs you want to add and fill the two pans together. Now add the cream and look if you need to salt or pepper it more. Adjust the olives and the bay leaves. Let it simmer over several hours and if you want it to tase perfectly, let it get cold over night and reheat it the next day.



If you want, you can make some garlic break. (Fry the pieces in butter, olive oil, garlic and adjust some herbs as rosemary)




Pauline is a sweetypie and made us french crèpes with Nutella.





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