Wanna try out a really awesome and sophisticated Burgerrecipe? Try this one 🙂 XX MIENCUISINE


This if for all the lazy university days.

Do you know these days? You don´t know what happened yesterday, you roughly know what happens tomorrow and so you just hang out and let life happen to you today. I love those days. They don´t feel stressed out but yet you managed to do a lot. You realize you just called an old friend, learned with your fellow students or had time to talk to your parents. As our Masters degree is closer to come and our intake is going to split all around the world, I highly appreciate those afternoons where we hang out, cook and talk about everything & nothing. We switch to english, to different cultures, different backrounds. But we share one thing in common that is the shared time of the moment and all differences are forgotten. I´ll miss those days.

This Burger is fuckig awesome. You…

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